Reflexology is a deeply calming, hands-on therapy. Through working specific reflex points on the hands, feet or ears, the body is supported to find balance and restore calm.


Each treatment is bespoke, tailored for you. The session begins with a discussion about your health and wellbeing and any specific goals. The treatment itself is very relaxing but most importantly it allows you to focus on yourself, listen to your body and relax a busy mind. You will leave feeling restored and refreshed.


I’m a clinical reflexologist. I am passionate about reflexology because it can support you to bring about positive and lasting change.


Clients find the experience deeply invigorating and relaxing, reporting a feeling of calm that lasts long after a session has finished.

If you feel ready to make a positive change to your health and wellbeing, contact me to find out how we could work together.


Portrait by Emma Lavelle (of Field & Nest)

Portrait by Emma Lavelle (of Field & Nest)

Treatment Rooms

Milton Hall

Milton Hall is a beautiful historic building in the centre of Manchester. The treatment room, which is fully accessible, is bright and spacious. The location is perfect for a lunchtime or after work treatment.

Appointments are available at Milton Hall on Monday, Thursday (evenings only) and Saturdays.

Reflexology at Home

Reflexology at home is available in Hale on a Thursday and Alderley Edge on a Friday.


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