Past clients have shared their experience of working with me and having a series of reflexology treatments. If you would like to find out more about how we can work together please contact me.

When I first started seeing Hannah, life felt really chaotic. Working in financial services, my role can be pressured at times and I’m currently living (and working) across three different cities. I was finding that sometimes the smallest thing would provoke a big reaction.

The sessions with Hannah have been fantastic, really calming. I always felt pampered and rested afterwards. She listened to me and didn’t make any assumptions about what I needed. I found that I was better able to cope with a busy schedule after our first session.

The treatment room on Deansgate was perfect for an afterwork or lunchtime appointment. Also, when I needed it, Hannah would fit in a last minute appointment at my home.

Alongside the treatments, Hannah gave me sensible, practical wellbeing advice that was easy to implement. I am feeling so much better than I did when we started the sessions. My energy levels have improved, I feel more robust and am enjoying work far more.
— Kate, November 2018
I turned to reflexology to focus on fertility and general relaxation - I was new to the treatment process and Hannah made me feel immediately relaxed, at ease and cared for explaining exactly how the treatment could support my needs. The treatment became a very special part of my week - time carved out to focus entirely on my wellbeing and to relax.

Hannah creates a calming environment and was able to plug into my needs very quickly and respond with suitable treatments. I would recommend reflexology to anyone - if you have a specific focus in mind or just need that dedicated time for you, it’s a wonderful experience.
— Beth, June 2018
Hannah made me feel comfortable from the first moment I met her. That trust and care was exactly what I needed when I booked my treatment.

I’ve had reflexology before and I’ve found it deeply relaxing but Hannah was different. She took time to understand what had lead me to book, what issues I had, my lifestyle and the areas that reflexology could help. I really felt like she was seeking to understand me as a whole.

I went to Hannah when I was struggling with my skin and after our discussions it was clear that sleep and stress were a huge trigger for me. The sessions were calming, soothing and exactly the self-care I needed to feel back on track.

Thank you Hannah for listening and helping me feel heard, aswell as a lovely, soothing reflexology treatment.
— Ruth, Sept 2018
I was looking for support in the run up to a difficult anniversary. It was a very emotionally charged time of year for me and I was curious to see if reflexology could help.

I felt understood. Hannah understood how I wanted to feel. She was very clear about what reflexology was, how it could help and what it could achieve. 

She developed a bespoke plan for me and it was specifically designed to compliment work I was doing with a psychotherapist. 

The sessions made me feel supported and nurtured. They gave me the confidence that I could cope. Hannah also gave me lots of practical ‘on the spot’ solutions for when I needed them. I noticed a reduction in the physical symptoms I was experiencing too. 

Hannah gave me support through a really hard time. 

I still see Hannah on a regular basis but the focus of the sessions has changed, now they provide quality ‘me’ time. I feel energised and they are beneficial for my wellbeing. They are something I really look forward to and my anxiety is decreasing.
— Nancy, March 2018
I can really feel the difference, I am relaxed and calm. There have been times over the last few weeks where previously I would have snapped or felt irate but that has not happened. In the past I struggled to find that inner calm, now I have, I feel like I am in a good place. 
— Anonymous, March 2018