More and more clients are booking in treatments to support with fertility. Their friends and family have had positive experiences and word of mouth is spreading about how wonderful and supportive reflexology can be while you are trying to conceive. 

Clients who come to see me for fertility say that the experience has helped them to connect to their bodies, feel nurtured during a difficult time and allowed them to process their emotions. It has also helped to reduce stress levels and for some couples it has allowed them space to share their feelings in a way that they weren’t before, bringing them closer together. 

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, as practitioners we are trained to work alongside NHS professionals (or private fertility specialists). In our first session together, we will discuss your journey to this point and develop a plan that supports you with techniques that will help you manage stress and cultivate wellness.  

It can be an extremely hard time, physically and emotionally. As a trained therapist, I will create a supportive and safe space where you are nurtured and given time to focus on yourself. 

The number of treatments vary from client to client, we will work together to build a treatment plan that works for you both from a financial perspective and the amount of time you wish to invest. Generally, it is recommended to have weekly treatments for around three to six months. Reflexologists have found that this is the most effective for clients, however if this is not practical, monthly treatments before ovulation are recommended. 

I’ve included some resources that might be helpful if you are trying to conceive below; 

Barbra Scott has been practising as a reflexologist for over twenty years, she has developed successful treatment plans for enhancing and treating fertility issues. She is featured on The Fertility Podcast Episode 161: Does Reflexology actually help when you are TTC?This is worth a listen to find out more about reflexology and fertility. 

Dr Lauren Cara has a wonderful blog sharing everything she has learnt about health and wellness – drawing upon her knowledge as experience as a medical doctor, stage IV cancer patient, yoga teacher, meditation student, psychology graduate and general science-geek. Her blog post on The Damage Stress Does To Your Body And What You Can Do AboutIt has some helpful and practical advice to reduce your stress levels. 

Rosie Tadman is a nutritionist based in Chorlton (South Manchester) who specialises in fertility she has a complimentary webinar which gives an Overview of Female Sex Hormones (in Reproductive Years). We have an event coming up together looking at women’s health, we will share a date for this soon.