Image credit: Christin Hume

Image credit: Christin Hume

It is so important to make time that’s yours. The working week seems to have got longer and longer until sometimes there is no time at all in the week where work (or the possibility of work) isn’t present. This is not okay. 

Being busy and being productive are very different. To be at your best you need some time to rest. Time where you don’t think about work. 

If you find yourself constantly thinking about work, your stress levels might be too high. 

Reflexology can help here, so try pressing your fingertips together for a few minutes to calm the brain reflex and get you out of your mind and into your body. 

Other techniques that work well are; 

Don’t check in for the first few minutes of the day. Don’t check your phone or computer until you have started the day however you wish. This starts the day on your terms and carves out a section of every single day that is just for you. 

Throw your to do list in the bin at the end of the day and start fresh in the morning. It feels fantastic to take control of that day based on how you are feeling and how much time you have at your desk. Plus, the act of throwing away the days tasks before leaving is a powerful end to the day! 

Start to use the last ten minutes of the working day to plan ahead for tomorrow. This helps to avoid checking your calendar last thing at night.