Case Study - Reflexology & Depression

Mary came to me, feeling low, in need of something that was just for her. Even though Mary was a high achiever, with a very successful career and loving family, she was hard on herself at almost every opportunity. (At first) she couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t feel this way. She had lost her confidence in decision making and questioned every decision she made, wondering if she had done the right thing. She wasn’t looking forward to future events and felt her overriding emotions were of anger, sadness, weakness and a loss of self. 

We had eight reflexology sessions together over a period of four months. During our time together, Mary noticed a dramatic improvement in her emotional wellbeing. Noting in our last session that she ‘felt really balanced, the most relaxed she had felt in years with a feeling of lightness’

Mary had booked her first session, feeling the need for some time for herself, knowing that she was feeling lost but unsure how to move forward. She had tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which hadn’t had any impact for her) and 121 Yoga Therapy Sessions which had been beneficial, but the impact had not lasted so she was looking to try something new. We talked about when she had first noticed feeling this way and how reflexology might be able to help her. 

I’ve found through my practice that reflexology is fantastic at creating space for you to listen to yourself. The world has become so fast and so full of comparison it can be easy to lose your voice, to know how you are feeling and what is important to you. The opportunity to have some guided reflection on how you are feeling and then have a calming balancing treatment can create a dramatic difference in how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself. 

After our first session Mary noticed an immediate release in the tightness and tension she had been holding around her shoulders and lungs. This benefit lasted with her noting that she felt more present and less overwhelmed in the three weeks since our first session.  

We worked together to enable Mary to feel more grounded and connected to herself. By our fourth session together, Mary felt noticeably different “reflexology makes me feel like I can breathe again”. She was much more willing to look after herself, channelling calm and feeling able to “slow down emotions” and have more understanding with herself.  

She remembered how light, funny and cheeky she used to feel and found the determination to feel that way again. She wanted to feel energetic, funny, light, to be able to take compliments and feel a bit mischievous. 

 Clients often know how they don’t want to feel but struggle to articulate how they do want to feel. Having a few sessions to quiet down external influence and focus on what you want can be really helpful. Focusing on something positive (how you want to feel) is so much better than focusing on what you don’t want!

 “I am really enjoying the process, I feel totally accepted here. Through reflexology I am finding acceptance of the situation and being at peace with who I am.”

By our last session together Mary noticed how good she felt overall. She had confidence that she was doing the right things for her and her family. She placed her wellbeing at 9/10 and noticing that she holds so much power over how she feels. She left our last session together “feeling really balanced, the most relaxed I have been in a very long time” and described a feeling of lightness. 

NOTE: This is posted with full permission from the client and names have been changed for privacy.