Reflexology & Acupressure Points for Labour

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Reflexology and acupressure can be really supportive in labour, helping to manage stress and anxiety. As a powerful way to relax and find deep inner calm, it can reduce pain. Pain is a sensation that we interpret, when we are fearful or tense it’s more likely that the sensations feel stronger.

So, all of these points are shared with the intention of helping you and your partner to feel calm and supported.

To learn more about how reflexology can support you in labour you (and your partner) are welcome to attend our holistic hypnobirthing course running in the city centre – available dates are here. (Online course is coming soon). Or we can organise a private workshop for you and your birthing partner. Get in contact to find out more.

Adrenal Reflexology Point

This reflex is wonderful for labour as it is really calming and relaxing. Good for when if you are feeling anxious or stressed and safe to work at any time, so can be a good point to use daily in the run up to labour

Adrenal Reflex Foot Image.jpg

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Acupressure Point - Large Intestine 4 

This is the most useful point for pain relief. 

NOTE: It is not to be worked before delivery as it can promote labour. 

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Acupressure Point - Spleen 6 

Again, this point can promote labour, so is not to be worked before this has started naturally. It can be a very useful point if labour has stalled or is difficult. 

Spleen 6 Point .jpg

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Solar Plexus Reflexology Point 

Solar Plexus is good to manage emotions and is a very calming and soothing point so could be a useful one to use along with the adrenal glands if you are feeling stressed/anxious.  

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Spinal Nerves Reflexology Point  

These reflexes are very calming and soothing, so would be very helpful as labour progresses. 

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