Reflexology Services


Reflexology Treatment

A full, detailed reflexology treatment. These sessions are deeply calming and relaxing, helping to improve stress levels and boost wellbeing.

Each session starts with a short consultation, then a bespoke reflexology session will be carried out, tailored to whatever it is you need that day. 

The session lasts 75 minutes and costs £58. 

Thanks again for everything - you truly do help me and make me feel heard, happier and calmer
— Sophie

Express Reflexology Treatments

These are perfect for lunchtime or if you would like to try reflexology.

We will have a quick consultation to find out what you need that day, followed by a targeted reflexology treatment designed to improve wellbeing and reduce stress.

The session lasts 40 minutes and costs £42.

The perfect antidote to a world of screens, non-stop pressure and stress. I felt like a weight was lifted; I wholeheartedly recommend
— Holly

Reflexology Package

If you are looking for reflexology to support you with something specific and help you to make a change to your wellbeing, a package of sessions can be perfect. We can design a programme to suit your needs. If this is something you would like to find out more about, please get in contact. I would love to hear from you.

I’ve had reflexology before, but this was different. It felt powerful and relaxing. The tension in my shoulders felt much better straight away and my digestion improved that week
— Sian